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Bedrosians Tilecrest Athena

Natural comforts at home with Bedrosian Tilecrest Athena

Whether you are looking for a décor theme for a cold climate or a contrast to a hot climate, the Bedrosians Athena porcelain collection will be a complement for all weathers. You could be living in a place where the sun is streaming through your large glass windows all the time or you could living in a claustrophobic inner city apartment looking for your comfort hole to hide but the Athena has much possibilities to give both kinds of seeker.

Bedrosians Athena presents the look of earth in its sediment process with layers and waves of weather worn texture. The collection is ready to use for residential, commercial and light commercial application. If it is a home you are looking to decorate, or the little office you always wanted or the little pie shop you have always aspired, the Bedrosians Athena collection will give more than a welcoming look.

Use the Athena for all you wall needs, countertop needs, flooring needs, shower area needs, your exterior patios and terrace needs and even at your pool area. Athena’s color palatte runs from Cliff, Pearl, Ash and Sand. They come in sizes of 24x12x3/8, 40x20x7/16 and 12x12x3/8 mosaic plates.

If you live in a climate where there are months which enables you sit outside to enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of beers, choose one of Athena’s large format variations to accompany an outdoor experience which has style as well as substance. This could be in the form of Athena’s 20x12x3/8 in Ash. Match this terrace style with a fresh looking awning in green or yellow and your furniture can either be made from metals or rattan. Fluffy large cushions in light colors are the way to go and no chunky pieces too. Dot that area with some flowering, potted plants and you are on your way to having a garden in a place where there was none.