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Bedrosians Tilecrest Bayou Country

Bedrosians Tilecrest Bayou Country is Soulful and Bold

Like a song sung by the Dave Matthews blues band, the Bedrosians Tilecrest’s Bayou Country is an expression of melancholia in porcelain tile. In this collection, instead of a bayou blues lament, you can see a narration of personal achievement and success instead of woes, a tale of love found instead of lost and future good times coming in well-designed rooms.


The Bedrosians Tilecrest, Bayou Country takes the inspiration from the bayous of Louisiana. Places in Louisiana like the Black Bayou are abundant in hardwoods such as Cherry bark oak, cedar, elm, hickories and willow oak. Plantation style houses and old French colonies come to mind where floorboards may have even be made from pinewood from the marshes.


The Bayou Country from Bedrosians Tilecrest offers five colonial shades that will please the heart of an old fashion man or woman. They are the Wood Blanc, Wood Gray, Wood Taupe, Wood Walnut and Wood Camel. Install these 8 x 36 planks for Creole inspired townhouses, a multi-storey, mansions and cottages.


Gold-beige color palate and French antique furniture will blend in beautifully with the Wood Walnut and Wood Taupe planks set in living rooms which also serve as a small library. You may not have a lot of space for different rooms for different uses so why not mix lovable areas together?


Design your kitchen with a masonry fireplace and adjoining family breakfasts rooms since more people like to live around their kitchens nowadays. Wood Camel and Wood Gray may be quite nice to look at with that masonry fireplace while a fanlight transom illumined by sidelights is what flanks those beautiful French doors leading to the breakfast room.