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Bedrosians Tilecrest Chesapeake

Bedrosians Tilecrest Chesapeake

Bedrosians Tilecrest Chesapeake will leave grandma utterly confused. Created by the finest interior designers in America, somehow, and we here at Ecomoso don’t quite understand their method, have delivered one of the most incredible tiles on the market today. It’s a tile, no it’s a wood, it’s a wood-tile, no it’s a tile-wood, call it what you wish, it’s beautiful. Just it might freak grandma out, you have been warned. Ok, it’s actually a tile, so tell granddad he doesn’t need to varnish it, and tell grandma that the children won’t get splinters from playing on it.

Its finish is so crisp that it manages to display the wonderful textural colors of wood with the sleek almost arrogant finish of a high quality porcelain tile. Not content with producing just one wonderfully crafted tile they have given us the choice of four: Bone Wood, Light Cherry, Natural Wood and Walnut Wood. And don’t forget that this isn’t a plank of wood so don’t expect a 4by4, we can offer you 8” x 24”or 8” x 36”.

We here at Ecomoso love the look that this tile creates. When installed into a room, you are guaranteed a form of sleek eloquence that makes this tile unique. Its ability to create character that sets rooms apart from the rest will have grandma spitting out her false teeth. Remember the days when a tile was a square white ceramic thing? There is no need to get sentimental; tiles have developed to cope with the leaps we have made forward with interior design, but this tile from Bedrosian has leapfrogged everyone and has left the market playing catch up.