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Bedrosians Tilecrest Distressed Wood

Bedrosians Tilecrest Distressed

If you’ve ever thought you’d like to get away – not like the jetsetting to the Caribbean kind of get away – to a modest little cabin in the woods where no one can send you junk mail then the Tilecrest Distressed series by Bedrosians is a compromise that will make everyone happy. How so? Ever had one of those days when you wish an asteroid would plummet to Earth and strike down everyone around you? One of those days where everyone seems to be throwing all their stupidity your way, although you already have your hands full? And you hustle home to hide away from all the crazy but then you get hungry and you call for delivery but when someone comes by to drop off your food somehow they manage to lessen your remaining faith in humanity without even crossing over the threshold of your personal space? You dream of building yourself a cabin in the woods to tinker and forage for food and finish/start that novel you’ve been meaning to work on – but then you realize you’re daydreaming in front of your computer screen and you’re gripping you iPhone like your life depends on it and you don’t really like camping or bugs and you don’t really cook… so maybe a log cabin in the woods is out of the question, but you can recreate the same nostalgic, weathered look with porcelain Tilecrest Distressed wood look tiles. Made in the likeness of solid, well-worn planks, this sentimental series is more reliable than the floorboards of a musty old cabin. In two sizes that mimic hardwood planks, the Tilecrest Distressed series is perfect for people who love the idea of Thoreau’s Walden in the woods just about as much as they love reading the actual book – in theory.