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Bedrosians Tilecrest Infinity

Bedrosians Tilecrest Infinity Porcelain Tile

Take your interior design to infinity and beyond with the Tilecrest Infinity Porcelain Tile series by Bedrosians. If you can’t afford to pay Richard Branson the hefty $250,000 to fly into the Earth’s orbit for a few minutes this Tilecrest collection may be the next best thing! Save your money for your kid’s college fund and line your living space with a beautifully smooth tile that won’t burden you with craters.

Did anyone ever tell you to reach for the sky? We can do you one better: by pulling inspiration by the unearthly bodies forever out of our reach, Bedrosians created this collection with a budget that is surely well within your budget’s reach and brings the skies to your feet. If you’d like to leap across light Luna or canter across a Cosmic cantina, there is a tile for that. Maybe accent your archway with Asteroid, soothe a struggling sitting room with Sunshine, or dance your way across a carpet of Night sky – the sky is the limit with this stellar collection.

Available in a variation of colors, styles, and sizes this collection will give you more pull over your friends and family than gravity ever has: they will be drawn to your design like the Moon is drawn to the Earth. Your tiles will be the Sun to their devoted orbit around any space you use these Infinity tiles in. Have no fear, you won’t need to buy them all moonboots to protect your tiles because they are made of durable porcelain that was created to last to infinity and whatever comes after.