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Bedrosians Tilecrest Kensington

Bedrosians Tilecrest Kensington

Bedrosians Tilecrest Kensington wood look tiles are to flooring what top grade silicone implants are to breasts... awe inspiring and hard to believe they are man made! While your floor may not need the double D treatment, we can all agree that at some stage a floor push up bra really couldn't hurt. Not to worry. We here at Ecomoso are like that cool best friend who hooks you up with the best lingere and no one has to know it came from Sluts R Us!

But back to classy chat, because we're totally lady like (emphasis on the like... as in similar to, but in no way the same as). Bedrosians Tilecrest Kensington flooring come in your choice of 8" x 24" and 8" x 36" dimensions, thus letting you customize the length of plank. The longer opeion works beautifully in open floor plans and carries the eye seamlessly into the depth of any space, while the shorter version installs quickly with minimal cutting in medium and smaller sized spaces. The array of colors in the Kensington collection compliments a wide variety of decor and pulls any room together with panache. Choose from the traditional brown beauty of Walnut, the delicate pallor ofBone, the warm cheeriness of Cherry, the contemporary gracefulness of Gray, and the lovely tone of Taupe.

Regardless of which color pallet you decide upon, the fine wood grain detail and smooth over all effect are unparalleled in porcelain wood look tiles. Better yet, Kensington flooring never needs sanding, refinishing, will never warp or stain, and will wear beautifully for decades to come indoors and out!