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Bedrosians Tilecrest Luxembourg

Exotic Fantasy from Bedrosians Tilecrest Luxembourg

Your dream of having an exotic fantasy palace can now be real with the exotic look presented by the Bedrosians Tilecrest Luxembourg tile collection. Nothing can be fantastic than having an Indian themed home for those who are adventurous at heart. Especially for people who are already familiar with the Indian culture or if you are yourself an Indian.


The boldly patterned style of the Bedrosians Tilecrest Luxembourg is the perfect fit for a home where you want to have little Indian intricacies setting the mood in every room. There are three different kinds of patterns available in four pastel shades. Choose from patterns called Jardin, Arabesque or Lily in shades called Luxembourg Louvre, Luxembourg Palais, Luxembourg Paris and Luxembourg Tuilleries. All aptly named after come of the famous places in France.


Indian themed homes usually use motifs that has elephants, peacocks, lights and heavily colored fabrics. Some of these little knickknacks are easily prepared even by yourself such as pillowcases. If you can find a store that sells sarees, get a few and get them sewn into pillowcases. These kinds of pillowcases are unique and one of a kind and you can have them throughout the house, either on beds or sofas.


If you can, get your hands on carved Indian themed dividers with elephants motifs and such, use them as a headboard for your bed instead of buying a frame. Divans can be the perfect piece of furniture in a room where you spend time reading alone and multi-tiered puja oil lamps can stand in for traditional candle holders.


Bedrosians Tilecrest Luxembourg’s designs will also make a great kitchen backsplashes for exotic kitchens as well where Indian style silver plates and Chinese porcelain bowls are your serving ware.