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Bedrosians Tilecrest Onyx

Bedrosian Tilecrest Onyx Sleekest of Sleek

Bedrosians Tilecrest Onyx porcelain tiles are made to impress even the sleekest of the sleek. Just look at this excellent looking porcelain tiles that seems to have been given the look of natural earth tones.


Homes that were specifically build to emulate the environment around it, such as cliffy beach areas or the sun baked dry desert like areas will benefit awesomely from Bedrosians Tilecrest Onyx collection. Alternatively, if you are looking at a very chic, modern styling where minimalism is the choice, the Bedrosians Tilecrest Onyx would still be a suitable background.

Have a look at what is available in the collection where beige, light browns and half grays will light up any rooms in the house. Choose the sweet looking Almond for kitsch kitchens where either steel or wood make the cabinets. Wood colored cabinets in dark browns and maroons would be a great choice with the Almond cuts that come in 12x24, 12x36 and 20x20. Definitely a great choice if your kitchen falls on the large side. 


The Camel and Gray might be of interested for countertops if you had chosen the Almond for kitchen. Your dining area would also do well with these two which also comes in the 12x24, 12x36 and 20x20 cuts. Dining rooms with the Gray look can be decorated with light, white linen window treatments if there was a window and antique looking glass cabinets will do well do, where expensive Wedgewood ornamental dinner plates are kept.  


The Camel looks charming enough for master bedrooms where wrought iron and grill bed frames support Victorian style linen netting and chandeliers hang lazily in the air. Match bedspreads that has taupe or golden colored flowers or autumn leaves that has splashes of red in them. Crystals and glass ornamentation will be suitable for the Bedrosians Tilecrest Onyx collection.