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Bedrosians Tilecrest Pool Tile

Bedrosians Tilecrest Pool Tile

If you thought it’s easy to find a tile for your swimming pool, guess again when you have had the chance to look at Bedrosians Pool Tile offerings. The collection under the pool tiles from Bedrosians is so abundant that you better get yourself a cup of coffee, put on your radio and be prepared to spend hours and hours glossing through the different colors and designs. That is how awesome the Bedrosians Pool Tile series are.

Have no clue what kind of swimming pool you want to have? Not sure about colors or themes? Now sure about the kind of texture you want? Something old fashion like those mundane styles from a long gone era with squares and bright blue or something ultra modern copied from something you have seen from a five star hotel resort? Anything and everything is possible with Bedrosians Pool Tile.

Here are some of the pool tile designs that might spin your head. For a perfect copy of being inside the ocean and being slapped from side to side by beautiful big waves, go for the Santorini Series Azul, Santorini Series Turquoise or Santorini Series Lagoon. All of them are available in mosaics and 6’x’6 sizes. If you are thinking of going for that European muted style beach look, then try the Santorini Series Navy, Santorini Series Fennel or Santorini Series Isle. Santorini Series Pumice might not be a sea but a long forgotten river.

Alright, you would like to have the old fashion 60s pool look then try the mosaics under the Mykonos Series which are Ocean and Grecian and the even more good looking Emerald Series, Burnt Sand and Watermark together with the really vintage style Sea and Caribbean.

Getting to the real sleek and ultra modern look os five star hotels are the Athens series where you can see yourself lounging under tall, white sunbrellas. These are the Athens Series Cyprus, Milos, Delos and Silver which are also available in mosaics. We completely understand it will take quite sometime to choose one or more design but we assure you it will be worth it. You don’t have to browse through any other websites for your pool tiles since everything and anything is already here.