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Bedrosians Tilecrest River Wood

Antique Beauty from Bedrosians Tilecrest River Wood/h2>

Traditional concrete and old wood has never looked this good on porcelain under the Bedrosians Tilecrest River Wood porcelain tile collection. Old factories, large machinery and rural industries is what comes to mind. If you have moved to the city from the countryside or have moved on to a better life from an old neighborhood, you can now transform memories of aged concrete to something chic.


The Bedrosians Tilecrest River Wood has four tones under its collection coming in 18x24 and 18x36 sizes. Choose from River Wood Blanc, River Wood Taupe, River Wood Walnut and River Wood Oak. Remember that old tub you found in the antique store the other day, the one with the claw feet and white porcelain? Well, now you can use River Wood Blanc or River Wood Taupe as the background for a stylish bathroom that has vintage written all over it.


Set that tub facing a large window which looks out either to the sea or a beautiful garden filled with pretty flowers. Imagine long flowing white chiffon curtains on either side and black grilled stand with all your amenities on it. You can design your bath area differently from the traditional looks and think about having shelves with small potted plants and photos of loved one on them. This is not the wet, splashy kind of bathroom but more like a private, therapy area for one who is looking some peace and tranquility.


Alternatively, style your living room with the boho chic look by using a mixture of River Wood Walnut and River Wood Oak intermittently. We see coffee tables made from large tree trunk circles given legs waiting to be adorned with bottles of home made beers or bongs. In true hipster fashion, wooden crates have been converted and fashioned into low standing stereo and tv shelves where books about spirituality also sits next to them. Obviously, the second hand sofas have to be in white and although everything has been carefully coordinated, it seems that they were just thrown in together in a haste. What a brilliant trick this is.