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Bedrosians Tilecrest Shizen

Bedrosians Tilecrest Shizen

I think we can all agree that Justin Beiber is a true artist that few can compete with these days, but since the creation of the Shizen series by Bedrosians Tilecrest we believe we may have found some competition in a less well-known artist who goes by the name of Mother Nature. Enough with the fluorescents and the bright colors that make you angry every morning until you’ve downed your first cup of coffee or green tea. Those unnatural shades of psychedelia were all well and good until we all stopped taking government-grade LSD long enough to drive to the nearest Apple store or Trader Joe’s wine cellar. The Shizen series is a good idea even before you’ve emptied your first bottle of Two Buck Chuck, but you don’t need to drink affordable wine to make these tiles affordable. Not only is porcelain affordable for almost any budget, but it is also durable and damn good looking.

When Mother Nature was mixing her color palette, there wasn’t a single hot pink or chartreuse green to be found. Thus, the Shizen series brings all the zen. Even the colors themselves are named for some of Mother Nature’s finest works. From Ravine and River to Moss and Sand, the soothing neutral greens and browns throughout these tiles will be a breath of wooosa at the beginning and end of every high-stress, high-tech day of your life. If you love the calm but you also get a little excited for the storm following the calm, then the Blends in the series may have the added dose of interest to keep you from trying LSD again. With Blends inspired by the Desert, Canyon, Woodland, and Plateau, you can bring nature indoors without also bringing the bugs and the pine needles.