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Bedrosians Tilecrest Stix

Bedrosians Tilecrest Stix

The moment you look at the Bedrosians’ Stix collection, you will have a rpetty good idea why the name stuck. Coming in 1/2x12” bead sticks, the Stix collection will be a great satisfaction when it comes to intimate areas in your home. That means your bathroom. Mosaic inspired bathrooms are so very classic European. Think about classic Greek and classic Roman. You remember those bathhouses where men and women sat in the birthday suits while steam rose from hot water boiled under coal stoves? Neither do we but its fun to imagine.

Maybe that is an idea you can take and run away with. Why have a boring, simple bathroom with a tub or shower when you can turn into a private sauna? If you have enough space, you can either have a partition for a separate shower stall inside a larger room which can contain a little stone bend area. Your Bedrosians’ Stix series will come in hand here in all parts of the bathroom.

Many colors are here to choose from and many mixed possibilities are available. The Bedrosians’ Stix has all the color you would need to create this mutant of a bath/sauna area from Cream, Dove, Pebble, Oat, Wheat, Parchment and Sage to the duskier Expresso, Toffee, Olive and Black.

Steel and metal edges for your bathroom cabinets, sinks, levers and light fitting will go well with all of these colors. Make it as comfortable as possible with your own little touches like little potted plants, hand painted jars for all your bathroom knick-knacks, a small corner with a tall vase and faux branches and pussywillows and even knitted bathroom baskets, towel holders and such.

We would like to put a disclaimer however that if you do make your bathroom slash sauna mutant such a great comfort area, you may want to spend more time there and it could pose a danger to your health. Just make sure your family knows exactly when you are in there especially if the sauna is on. Have a great bathroom day with the Stix series.