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Bedrosians Tilecrest Toscano

Bedrosians Tilecrest Toscano

some great items and building materials which are suitable. Big cut tiles on the floors, reclaimed 1850 oak doors with big metal levers together with natural looking stone are so Mediterranean.

If you are dreaming about watching the sun setting and rising over fields of grapes or sunflowers, you would want to have tiles in your which brings you to a place like Tuscany. This is totally possible with Bedrosians Toscano collection which has three different colors and texture you may utilize.

Imagine having antique looking wooden wine racks stacked up both sides of your kitchen sink as a functioning decoration. Pair this with a backsplash that has Toscano’s Classico. Have you ever seen an antique Italian grille that reminds me of those olden day prison? You can use this as part of rustic charm style over windows and mirrors around the house. The rustier it looks the better. You may want to try having this next to Toscano’s Grigio grey painted tiles.

One of the most unique and special way of having a rustic look is to have those old looking shutters for your windows. Think about matching Toscano’s Silver porcelain tiles with blue tinged shutters which looks like the paint is chipping off. The room that has this look can have bits and bobs of blue while crystal chandelier can make it look pleasing to the eye.

Bedrosians Toscano has an unique ability to create rooms which want to take on its own character and life. All you have to do is pinpoint the exact spot where you want to give it a touch of your own character while the tiles themselves do the heavy job of making themselves look rustically beautiful.