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Bedrosians Tilecrest Verona Series

Bedrosians Tilecrest Verona Porcelain Tile

If you turn your nose up and dismiss it, you are missing out on beige's infinite subtleties and the possibilities it brings to room designs with Tilecrest's Verona Series. The beige family is not necessarily one-way-tickets to Boredomville or Snorestown. Oh, beige... it is so undervalued. Beiges are like the unremarkable, yet dutiful bank teller or the hardworking and responsible middle child that never cried as a baby. The Tilecrest Verona Porcelain Tile Series is here to celebrate this unappreciated family of tans and taupes that boast infinite subtleties that this collection only begins to touch on. So quit being so judgmental and open your eyes. Boring old beige doesn't have to be boring. The various hues accumulated in this collection will make you give some real thought the beige’s tone, hue, value, and even the other colors it will look best with.

Which beige hue you choose will alter the entire mood of your room. Each shade looks different depending on the architecture of the space and kind of light that hits it. The warm, yellowy Beige is the best backdrop for teals, turquoises and other yellowy-blues. True reds and oranges look super vivid and elegant next to darker warmer Taupe. Silver beige and pink also look smashing together, no matter the undertones. The Tilecrest Verona Porcelain series really revels in the subtle splendor of the beige family. If you want your home to stand out amongst the bland and boring whites plastered all over your neighbors’ homes, the Verona series is your answer. It's still elegant, and yet less predictable than white. Your space will still feel fresh looking, but much less severe. Once you can see past its bad reputation, your beige world will be anything but bland and boring.