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Bedrosians Tilecrest Vintage

Bedrosians Tilecrest Vintage Revival of Style

Vintage doesn’t necessarily mean old fashion and you can absolutely see that with Bedrosians Tilecrest Vintage porcelain tile collection. The problem with vintage styles is that, they come and go as fast as the four seasons. Also, what would have been vintage in the 90s could be deemed ancient in the 2000s and what was deemed to be modern in the early 2000s could be vintage now.   In a time where vintage could be everything, the Bedrosians Tilecrest Vintage collection will assure you that it will stand the test of time when it come to looking trendy. Three distinctive colors have been used to create the Vintage collection from the Bedrosians Tilecrest and they are beige which is called Alabaster, gray which is called Silver, light brown which is called Camel and weather-worn rusty color which is called Walnut.   You can opt for a 1920s revival style vintage where Georgian Colonial staircase maybe the scene stealer next to a Camel inspired wall going up the stairs. Pendant lights and art deco interiors with antique settees and divans are also a great inspiration when the Alabster porcelain tile is installed.   But what if your idea of vintage goes further another 20 years when the boys were at war in Europe? Hoosier style vintage cabinet painted in pea green where tins of biscuits decorate it won’t look out of place with Vintage’s Silver and the Walnut can be quite a nice piece of addition for a baby room that is decorated in cozy floral patterns, and ruffled fabrics.   Create a 1950s era dinette using the cozy, booth style seating for your dining area and use your walls as the exhibition area for art deco pieces too. What would be excellent than in the background to use the Camel design when the dinette booth seating has velvet red or purple in them?