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Bedrosians Tilecrest Wave

Bedrosians Tilecrest Wave

Your waves of joy may be uncontrollable once you have laid your eyes on the perfectness of which you have been looking for with the Bedrosians Wave collection. What is not wavering about this collection? Tiny, wavy lines like that on the ocean is presented in these unusual looking porcelain tiles.

The gentle, contoured ripples you see in the Bedrosians Wave collection is a great addition for a great bathroom wall which you are planning. During a renovation project, you may want to give more love to your living rooms, kitchen or the master bedroom. Sometimes, people think about spending more on those areas than the area where only they are prive to. Bathroom area can be overlooked but if you had something distinctive looking as the Bedrosians Wave’s Asteroid or Black, it doesn’t have to seem like a place you had overlooked.

Sometimes, all you need is a great looking wall, one or two great looking items as your fitting and that is all you need to have a great bathroom. Like bedrooms, bathrooms are very personal business. So, do take it personally and create your own cozy corner with adding little touches like plants, photos on the wall and vintage looking metal hooks. Play around with the lighting and see what is more soothing, something with ambience or as bright as the sun. A well placed bathroom area in a home can save on electricity too if you had an equally well placed window.

Bedrosians Wave’s Luna and White falls more on the lighter shade of the color spectrum. For your cabinetry you may want to think using wood inspired designs for a touch of the rustic. How about a chest or a bench by the walls where your towels can sit in or on? Weaveware like knitted baskets, knitted hanging storage pockets and antique jars will also bring some charm in a simple way for a simple bathroom.