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Bellavita Glass Cascade

Bellavita Glass Cascade Wave Textured Glass Tile

The Cascade Wave Textured Glass Tile Collection by Bellavita Tile is a refreshing line of glass tiles that will leave your home or workspace awash in fresh shades that recall your childhood summers spent bobbing in the waves. You don’t need to have a pool in your backyard or an ocean view to get the restorative benefits of being surrounded by water. Simply submerge yourself in a sea of Silvery Ice or let a layer of Surf Green or Shimmering Lime lap at your toes. You can almost feel the sea breeze whisper in your ears with cool Ocean Spray or Ice Mist all around you. Alpine Spring tiles or Winter Lakes will certainly revitalize any space and anyone in it. You may be bowled over by the power and strength behind the Tidal Wave tiles, but trust us, it will feel exhilarating every time – and you won’t even need to hold your breath.

Less expensive than a water feature and requiring less maintenance, these tiles are so invigorating you will want to dive right in. No need for a lifeguard. These tiles are harmless no matter how deep you want to get—fill a bathroom up to the brim or splash a streak of Sandy Beige across your sitting room. It will feel as good as the first plunge into the pool on a steamy summer day and you won’t have to worry about your hair going green.

This textured glass tile collection by Bellavita is available in 2x8 inch, 4x16 inch, or 8x16 inch cubes of cool.