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Bellavita Glass Cobblestone

Bellavita Glass Cobblestone Textured Glass Tile

The Cobblestone Textured Glass Tile series by Bellavita Tile invokes nostalgia for the days of horse drawn carriages and white gloves, but you can have your cake by candlelight and eat it while reading your Kindle, too with this versatile tile. Whether you still use an outhouse or you toilets have heated seats this enchanting collection is brand spanking new, yet recalls a simpler and more old-fashioned design aesthetic. This collection is inspired by the smoggy streets of old London, but is designed with cutting-edge technology to be much more practical than the old-school styles.

A hundred years ago cobblestones would have been rounded, typically because they had been worn smooth by rivers. They were hellish to drive and walk on, but they were cheap: you could just pluck them from the river. The Cobblestone collection incorporated the stylish benefits of antique cobblestones and did away with the less functional aspects of the dated design.

The pattern and depth of this classic tile collection work beautifully with the smooth, clean surfaces of many home designs. They get their inspiration – and their names—from the walkways of Antibes, Avignon, Cannes, Charoux, La Grasse, Turenne, and Yvoire. Go ahead and order your favorite dessert again because this glass tile brings more than enough variety to one life with a pattern that adds visual and tactual texture to even the most one-dimensional spaces. Plus, the shiny surfaces of the individual tiles have a wonderful reflective quality that creates depth without creating danger for you delicate ankles.