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Bellavita Glass Creekside

Bellavita Glass Creekside Glass Mosaic Tile

The Creekside Glass Mosaic Tile collection by Bellavita recalls the soothing sounds of a babbling brook and warm rays of sunlight peeking through a cluster of pines – no pesky mosquitos included. The colors found in nature have been inspiring interior design for decades because nature is nourishing. Bring a bit of Bambi’s bungalow to your neck of the woods with glass tile from the Creekside collection.

So do as the dwarfs from Snow White do and bring the Creekside to your bedside. Softer, honey browns make us feel all warm and fuzzy—like a teddy bear; not like a grizzly bear. Whichever aspect of nature inspires you the most will surely inspire the interior of your home or work space in the same fashion. You will surely whistle while you work in a room accented by Dusk Shadows or Early Mist. Wouldn’t it be nice to crawl out of bed in the morning only to let your feet fall across a floor of Natural Earth, River Sand, or Tumbled Pebbles?

Every single shade is fortified by a texturized pattern that gives each application just a hint of variation. As the sunlight glints off the surface of a creek, light also shimmers and gleams off Creekside tiles no matter how long it has been since your tiles have been polished. Not only are these glass tiles versatile and durable, but they also have a natural, organic quality that gives your space the feeling of a refuge or sanctuary—like nature’s nest. The textured tile of the Creekside collection is available in 2x6 in tiles or slightly more adventurous 3x12 inch tiles.