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Bellavita Glass Dolomite

Bellavita Dolomite - Discount Glass & Marble Mosaics at Ecomoso

Marble and Glass: Mosaics with Nobility and Class

The Bellavita Dolomite Marble and Glass Mosaics Collection is a cherished body of artistic, blended glass and marble mosaic work - especially in regards to sculpture and classic architecture - which can be credited to the classy and polished style of the series. This sophisticated collection of pristine, gorgeous glass, blended with one of the most sought after, high-end decorative stone materials, also adds a certain amount of grandeur on the subject matter of artful marble and glass mosaics.

When it comes down to it, mosaics are often statement pieces - which makes them the most fun to create and design with - and it also is what can take an ordinary room and transform it into a custom, unique concept that looks expensive and time-consuming, without actually being either of those things. With homeowners looking for home remodel ideas, or interior designers searching for the perfect unique piece for a project in mind, the Bellavita Dolomite marble and glass mosaics series was born.

When put together into four subtle and artistic glass blends, the imperial marble stones take on a life of their own and radiate lustrously - possessing what can only be deemed as embodying the sort of profoundness of a renaissance sculpture. Sound a little dramatic? As gorgeous and creative as the Dolomite Collection is, it must be given credit for making such a statement, while still maintaining a pure simplicity that really makes the series more of a subtle and sleek type of beauty. Four understated glass blends - which are each put together in flawless patterned designs, and then each given individual and exclusive marble blends - make the Dolomite Series of marble and glass mosaics a perfect choice for kitchen backsplash ideas, bathroom backsplash ideas, ultimate shower remodels or bathroom remodels, and anywhere else where a classy, custom look is desired.

The four color blends in this gorgeous marble and glass mosaic set begins with the lightest in the series - Bianco Cararra, an offset mix random mosaic of bright, pearlescent white and kisses of light grey veining on a nominal 12 x 15.5-inch sheets - the same size as the other three color blends in the Dolomite Collection. An elegant and creamy off-white is brought to life in Diana Royal, and subtle grays are the highlight of the Escarpment Light marble and glass mosaic blend of the Bellavita Dolomite Collection. The final of the four sophisticated blends is Antique Brown. These gorgeous and affordable glass and marble mosaics are perfect for any interior or exterior, residential or commercial wall space, including (but not limited to) a custom new: kitchen backsplash, bathroom shower floor or wall, pool, and spa. All of the attributes of Dolomite have made it popular among interior designers, architects, homeowners and builders and/or contractors.

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