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Bellavita Glass Essence

Bellavita Glass Essence Glossy Glass Mosaics

Bring the essence of your last seaside holiday back to the brutal reality of your everyday life by bringing the Essence Glassy Gloss Mosaic collection by Bellavita Tile into your home or workspace. Instead of cluttering your cozy home with sandy sea glass, simply bring glass by Essence and you won’t have to worry about salty residue and sharp edges.

You will never again wake up with that horrifying feeling that your summer holiday only ended two days ago and yet it feels like it has been months since you’ve had a break-- while at the same time you know that you won’t have another holiday for half a year. With Essence glass every day at home has the restorative properties of a trip to the seashore.

When everyone is driving you crazy and you can’t stop running through the long list of chores that haven’t been done, let your home be your glorious getaway. With the Essence range you will no longer need to find time for that fourth and fifth seaside holiday. Let Bellavita bring the beach to you; to transform your surroundings into the tranquil shore side getaway that instantly makes nap time feel longer and the floors easier to clean.

The color palette for the Essence line is inspired by the essence of the open ocean and colors from the coast. Walking across these tiles will recall the soft shimmering sands by the sea with bleached out neutrals like Glacier gray, iridescent Ivory, and sandy Storm. Instead of fretting about forgotten holidays gone by, look forward to tomorrow because with the Essence collection every day in your space is a respite—and you won’t have sand in your hair.