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Bellavita Glass Pisces

Bellavita Pisces Glass - Discount Glass Mosaics at Ecomoso


The all-new Bellavita Pisces Collection is a distinct and highly-favored, dimensional glass mosaic series, inspired by the 12th and final sign of the zodiac; a celestial representation thought to bring together a lot of the better attributes of the 11 preceding signs of the zodiac. What does this have to do with unique kitchen backsplash ideas or bathroom remodel ideas? It’s all in what you see. The symbolic “fishes” of Pisces are made in the image of a pair of sea-centaurian Gods (also brothers), who helped raise the storied Greek Goddess of Beauty - Aphrodite, a product of the sea. Her beauty was unparalleled, yet she remained unpretentious in her individuality, much like the unique textures and water-jet cut glass mosaics that make Bellavita Pisces a truly artistic collection.

Just as no two fish in the sea are alike, each sheet of the Bellavita Pisces Collection is available in three distinct and different textures, along with a pair of surface finishes that alternate to balance and complement each other - much like their Pisces namesake. The three distinct textures available on these elegant and modern glass mosaics - textured front, textured back and flat - are offered in both glossy and matte finishes, and come on large-format 6.5x18-inch sheets.

A pair of stunning solids and a pair of beautiful blends ensure that your color options within the simplistic, yet stunning Pisces Collection can be as bold or restrained as your style and taste mandate. Thanks to the large format glass tile and wavy water-jet cut shape, this collection is a statement standing - or swimming, if you will - on its own. This is why it has become a fast favorite with interior designers, architects, contractors, builders and homeowners looking for the perfect glass tile for a kitchen backsplash idea, and many other design projects. The two solid colors in the collection are: Pisces Beluga - gorgeous white glass tile - and beige glass tile in Pisces Chinook. The first of the two blended glass color mosaics is Pisces Dorodo - a clean mix of white and medium brown hues - while Pisces Stingray, our personal favorite, is a mix of light gray glass tile and a deeper grey glass tile.

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NOTE: For a clear image of the unique textures within this popular Glass Mosaic Series, click here.