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Bellavita Glass Strata

Bellavita Strata

Start your new day everyday with Bellavita Glass Strata mosaic tiles in your home, whether new or revamped. Talking about vamping up your place, perhaps it is time to get rid of the old traditional hardwood flooring to something cool and crisp, like glass tile flooring. Tiles are a great idea if you live in hot weather, like in sunny California or burning Arizona. You don’t want to have wood around absorbing heat in hot weather unless you’re going for the Swedish sauna style.

Bellavita Glass Strata comes in four colors and in large format hand brushed glass mosaics. This could be the most important element you need for a revamping project for your tired old house. Mosaics are always a joy to be around with whether you are alone or with a whole baggage of a family with you. Tiled floors tend to present a more formal vibe if they are glossy in appearance and glass is glossy. So, if you had always been a rustic kind of person, give mosaic tiles a try for something different.

Bathrooms are a great place to give a mosaic tile treatment for a little revamp project. Have you ever thought about having a shower area where it is a walk-in instead of having partitions? This will save you a lot of money on glass cleaning products and in fact, get rid of the whole cleaning work! Bellavita Glass Strata can accommodate a walk-in shower with its collection of colors. Choose from the marble white looking Platinum to the urban chic Tungsten to the groovy pattern of Electrum and finally, the uber glossy Umber.

Your walk-in shower should get the same treatment as your walk-in closet in terms of lighting too. If it’s going to be this romantic, then you might as well play the lighting well with moody settings. There are no rules to having harsh lighting in bathroom since we’re not going to be looking at ourselves anyway. Instead, make it into a warm, womb like area you can enjoy with soft lighting instead.