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Bellavita Tile Arabesque

Bellavita Arabesque

Bellavita’s Arabesque will surely entertain your home the same way as the book One Thousand and One Nights has entertained many eccentric minds over the years. Take inspiration with not just this collection but also from the folk tales from the Golden Islamic Era. It is no secret that Islamic art is a great inspiration for many architectural designs. There is always a mythical form and functionality to it that comes rich in history and philosophy. Think of the Islamic classical architectural era is just the eastern side of the Greek and Roman classical era.

We are talking about Ali Baba, Aladdin and Sinbad of course. Bellavita’s Arabesque will surely help to bring these tales to life with its colors and charm all tied up in one superior glass tile collection. Choose matte or gloss in different sizes. Dream of having Bellavita Arabesque Pearl as the treasure Sinbad has been seeking all these years to be the backsplash companion in your kitchen.

The forty thieves’ leader in Ali Baba might steal drums filled with Arabesque’s Caf and Cotton to be installed in his secret thieves den. If ever a secret den or just a plain old den in your house has something as precious looking as these glass tiles, then you have to make sure your password is stronger than just “open sesame”.

When Aladdin has had a view of Arabesque’s Denim and Nautilus glass tiles, you know what his next wish from the genie will be. What could be grander than a palace made of glossy murals made of glass mosaics? Even a spoiled Arabian princess will never say no to a palace like that, especially if the murals actually depicted her. Their secret garden should also get a magical treatment with Arabesque’s Pumice and Straw designs. With inspiration like this, who needs a genie to have a little magic in your home when you can have Bellavita’s Arabesque?