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Bellavita Tile Archetype Porcelain

Bellavita - Discount Glazed Porcelain Tile at Ecomoso


Bellavita Archetype glazed porcelain tile is a prideful collection of commercial flooring that embodies its namesake by creating its own definition of style. Because an archetype is something that is so completely original, this collection of affordable porcelain tile defines itself with innovation and a fresh perspective. With large format tile and other available sizes, this collection may very well be intended to lead the commercial flooring pack, but like a true original, the fun doesn’t end there. Interior designers, architects, contractors and builders alike all agree that while the nature of the collection is based on light and heavy commercial spaces, it is also well-suited for residential flooring and wall tile. With multifarious inspirations found in hand-woven textiles, wrought ancient timbers and antique patinas of stone - this collection truly reflects what it’s like to be an original.

This trend-setting series, which uses HD inkjet technology, was born in conjuction with the renaissance of its Italian tile maker. A rare and innovative design like this commands diligent attention to detail, and because such special care was put into the one-of-a-kind Archetype Collection it incorporates dynamic molds, mono-caliber rectification and innovative surface glazes and frits. Available in three modular sizes - including formats for small and large spaces - along with four contemporary design hues, this series allows for infinite modern design ideas for all commercial and residential wall and flooring tile projects.

Sizes available in the Bellavita Archetype Collection are large format 24x24-inch tiles, rectangular 12x24-inch tiles and smaller 12x12-inch formats. The mostly-neutral color palette includes shades of grey, and various levels of browns and beiges. You’ll find both cool undertones and warm undertones in the collection, which begins with Archetype Aluminum - a cool combination of light and medium levels of greys and browns. In Archetype Mojave, light yellow undertones warm up different shades of beige and brown, while Archetype Waynesboro offers a cohesive pattern of brown hues with slight red undertones. The final color in the collection, and our personal favorite, is Archetype Horn - a mix of popular charcoal and gray tile hues with cool blue undertones. With the color palette being so compatible and cohesive, the different colors in this collection can be brought together for even more original flooring patterns and custom tile designs.

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