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Bellavita Tile Bevel Subway

Bellavita Bevel Subway

We assure you that Bellavita’s Bevel Subway ceramic tile collection is not going to give you horrifying memories of city subway stations. These tiles are just way too classier for that. What you can do is lift some urban ideas instead for an industrial design look with splotches of metal, wire and ceramics intermixed.

What is essentially an urban style for home designs? The words “clean-lined” is often used to describe contemporary or urban interior designs styles. This modern approach focuses first and foremost on functionality of living spaces while at the same time avoiding excessive obsession with ornamentation. Contemporary or urban fashion is not everyone’s cup of tea because some have the idea that its too harsh or cold though this doesn’t have to be. A well planned contemporary design can promote a sense of serenity and fuss free simplicity.

Start with some simple choices like a glass tile treatment and something like the Bellavita Bevel Subway collection can be a beginning point. Black, whites and other neutral tones tend to dominate the contemporary style scene. With this in mind, think about having Bellevita Bevel Subway’s Black, which comes in a variety of sizes and complements as an accent point.

Placing large blocks of color against a neutral background can establish a contemporary feel. Using Bellevita Bevel Subway Cotton tiles as the neutral background for another color like glossy reds or muted yellow is a simple idea. When it comes to your contemporary furnishing, stick to the same sleek lines. Always go for clean-lined, modern furnishings and accessories. Do you have those curved legs furniture given second hand to you? Avoid it like the plague. This is not urban.

Other little presentations to keep up with the contemporary design with minimal effort are the window settings. Forget about fabrics and go for Roman shades or bamboo blinds. All you need to remember is clean, simple and sleek. The urban is not hard to achieve if you stick to the basics.