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Bellavita Tile H-Line

Bellavita Tile H-Line Ceramic Tile

Bellavita Tile H-Line Ceramic Tile is the perfect wingman. We all want him, we all need him and now he is right here waiting for you at a very affordable price. The perfect partner for a double date, this tile blends into the background when you want it to and takes hold of the reigns when you need someone else to take control. As the perfect support for any additional design elements you want to bring into your home--used as a border or a trim—this tile collection is complementary and always makes the other tiles look better. But we really should give the H Line more credit; it can certainly hold his own and flourish in most spaces. The H line as your primary design element has a bold and crisp finish giving a sleek and modern feel to any home.

Oh Mr. Versa-tile, he is flexible to say the least and dresses to impress for any occasion. Available in seven dashing outfits choices: Alabaster, Café, Cotton, Nautilus, Pearl, Pumice and Straw. There is no occasion where the H Line doesn’t come across as an intelligent style choice for any room in the house, but boy do they look good in that kitchen. Better still, the collection’s outfits can be mixed and matched to comprise a mosaic which wonderfully harmonizes the H line spectrum.

Now how would you like him? 12” X 24”? Not big enough for you? Maybe 24” x 24” would suffice. Ok, so 2” x 2” is more your thing, get down with Mr. Moe Zaic while he’s right up your street and available for front door delivery. Variety is the spice of life after all.