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Bellavita Tile Metal

Bellavita Tile Metal Tile

Why don’t you stop being such a square and make use of the Metal Mosaics Decorative Collection by Bellavita Tile! Haven’t you heard? Tiles don’t need to be square and neither do you. Step outside the box-- so to speak-- break free from the grid, and embrace the whimsical, yet edgy shape of penny tiles, chicklets, and subway tiles. For the person who doesn’t want to go crazy with color but would like to add a little something special to their walls, this collection is just the thing.

Here, a few pennies for your thoughts: this shape has been around for more than a hundred years but it was never as popular as other shapes – until recently. Now is their time to shine. The classy and unobtrusive shape is extremely versatile. In Bronze, Copper, and Stainless Steel this collection will add just a touch of intrigue without overwhelming your space. And if you pair this tile with contrasting grout, your color palette is limitless! Have you heard? Penny tiles and chicklets are less likely to crack than larger tiles. How so, you may ask? Basically, the larger tiles are, the more likely they are to break due to daily wear and tear, or even shifts in your home’s foundation. A little added durability makes this collection perfect for those high traffic areas of your home, like a foyer or, realistically, the kitchen.

Yet another bonus: Metal Mosaic tiles by Bellavita are small enough to fit hug close to the curves in any space. This makes the penny tiles, chicklets, and subway tiles the perfect options for tiling shelving units and other built-in features.