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Bellavita Tile

Bellavita - Discount Ceramic Tile, Metal and Glass Tile & Mosaics at Ecomoso

The Good Life through better and more sustainable design

The visionary aspiration of Italian tile maker - Bellavita Tile - is essentially to lift overall standards on what establishes the very meaning of the company’s name. Meaning “the good life”, the phrase “Bella Vita” stands for the company’s dream of being the criterion company that people love to engage in business with, that employees wish to work for and that other companies strive to be like. Because a namesake is something one hopes delivers an immediate good impression and is never forgotten because of the extensive follow-through and know-how, the mission is clear at Bellavita Tile: exemplify the experience they work to achieve each day.

To achieve such a vision is important, but Bellavita insists on this only being secondary to the tile makers true purpose. By looking in each and every direction for inspiration and direction, creative boundaries do not exist. Their pledge to keep getting better in every way in terms of design - such as more sustainable design through eco-friendly flooring options and green manufacturing processes - has earned Bellavita the reputation of providing both innovative and reliable commercial and residential tile products for interior designers, architects, contractors, builders and homeowners. They are also active members in the TTMAC, CTDA and NAFCD industry associations, and fully embrace and endorse the standards they represent. But most importantly to Bellavita Tile is that the principal nature of Bellavita is not just found in one-of-a-kind tiles on your wall, or locked away in a designer’s secret file. Their belief: the good life is found in the choices we make every day. After all, understanding art (like life) is as much a study of the artist’s choices as it is the end result.

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