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Bellavita Watercolors

Bellavita Watercolors

Your nostalgic watercolour days at school will be revisited again with the Bellavitta Watercolors hand painted glass mosaic. This offset mix comes in four cleverly interpreted colors you can play around with for your building purposes. One of the best areas for mosaics is of course the kitchen with its countertop and backsplashes. Kitchen backsplashes and countertops is a versatile area where a variety of material, design and color can be accommodated.

Bellavita Watercolors has Arbor, Night Sky, Ocean and Wheatfield to choose from. Once you've decided on which color you want for your backsplash, you will have to think hard to determine how to put it all together. Do you prefer a consistent pattern or do you want to mix it up in some way?

The color consistency under the Bellavita Watercolors collection is easily mixable in that sense. Think about setting Wheatfield and Arbor side by side and creating a sort of mural artwork instead of just having the same color and pattern repeated. Try it out with the other two designs under this collection as well.

Is your kitchen sink in front of a wall instead of a window? Then you will have to consider mixing up the color and patterns or go with the flow with just one of the color pattern. How about having two different colors from the same collection side by side but as a backsplash and the other on the countertop flanking the sink? The staggering effect of these multi-tiered glass mosaics is easy to imagine.

Also, because it comes with a preformed sheet, your installation will be that much easier too and probably a fodder for some custom artwork ideas. No matter what you are going for, using mosaic glass tiles will always be a unique design in different homes. When it comes to being special and unique, Bellavita’s Watercolors won’t fail.