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Bolyu Vinyl Mineral

Bolyu Vinyl Mineral

Bolyu’s Mineral vinyl flooring collection is the collection you should be cavorting if you are looking for specialty items to be installed at not only a home or business setting but for all other premises where such as museums, art galleries, libraries, even sports complexes.

The reason why we think you should be cavorting at these marvelous looking vinyl collection is because of its sleek accents and trendy mineral colors and textures available in large format sizes and its durable surface. What more characteristics would you need to install the Bolyu’s Mineral collection in your high traffic areas which needs to go a long way for a long time without you having to close up for maintenance work every so often just to get the tiles replaced?

There are three distinctively different head spinning choices under the Bolyu’s Mineral vinyl collection which will make you come up with some awe-inspiring design ideas. These eco-friendly tiles made from recycled materials are range from the lighter toned Mineral Urban Beige which is a great neutral choice and finally the two cement colored Urban Grey and Urban Charcoal where the Urban Grey slightly denoted a scent of beige in it.

The color of soft brown shade of Urban Beige is soothing to look at for customers spend many long hours of sauntering along the lounge like areas which can be added to homes as well as cafes, clubs and restaurants. The Mineral’s Urban Charcoal stormy, night like features will give a moody and dramatic look for rooms which don’t claim to be anything that what they are.

Even with minimal designs under one collection, so much possibilities are available with not just the colors but also the texture that one room in your premise doesn’t have to look like another and can be done using just this one collection.