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Bolyu Vinyl Natural Woods

Bolyu Vinyl Natural Woods

If you haven’t had the pleasure of sitting in a chalet like or cabin like environment yet, you can now experiment with Bolyu’s Natural Wood vinyl collection as an entree by installing them in your home just to see how it feels like. Imagine snow covered alpine mountains with green meadows or just dark sky pine dotted UFO abduction like forest areas surrounding your little chalet where a slow fire is burning in the hearth. Bolyu’s Natural Wood collection will get you to these places in no time inside your own home.

The Bolyu’s Natural Wood collection features a sophisticated and realistic wood visual using the some of the most sophisticated technologies available in the vinyl industry. It presents the appearance of beautiful wood flooring but with the durability and ease of maintenance that vinyl features can offer.

Build a chalet home as part of your main premises or build a little cabin in the backyard and pretend you’re living in some X-Files fantasy just to get these splendid looking vinyl flooring installed. Ashen looking winter inspired living rooms with grey tones couches will sit comfortably on top of a floor laid with the Bolyu Natural Wood flooring while rustic looking tea and coffee cups may be a comfortable sight on rough looking wooden dining tables.

Pick from ten designs with ten different colors under the Natural Wood collection. Some famous tree species are covered under this collection. Rich, dark fragrant looking designs are offered as Vintage Teak, Ebony Walnut while creamy wheat and wood like shades are offered in Willow, Harvest Wheat, Cask Oak and Asian Larch. Red mahogany spectrum can be seen under the Copper Creak, Asian Teak, Asian Cherry and Natural Walnut.

With these real wood like color palette available under the Bolyu Natural Wood vinyl collection, anything is possible so don’t give up that dream yet of either alpine chalets or dark supernatural forest cabins but in the meantime enjoy the natural wood look which is already available now a click away.