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Bolyu Vinyl Textile

Bolyu Vinyl Textile

Textile textures are not a very common choice when it comes to choosing flooring but Bolyu’s Textile vinyl collection captures the comfort of clothes well for homes that needs tender loving care. We often forget that our homes are not just a dwelling place but also a place where we can hide from all the unpleasantness that may happen to us or inside us. Under the homes, we also find certain spots to be our favorite comfortable places. It could be bedroom, the study room, the living room and evn he bathroom.

Bolyu’s Textile vinyl flooring collection is something you may consider to install in the most comforting areas of your home. Just like how certain clothing materials makes us feel protected so will rooms which have Bolyu’s Textile vinyl flooring in no time at all. Create your own cocoon of comfort in three shades of grey. These are Basketweave White, Basketweave Grey and the in between beige grey of Basketweave Brown.

The thread weave like surface of these vinyl pieces are truly special and unique in design. You nay want to use these vinyl decoration pieces as some of the main features of your rooms and not just the background for other pieces. If you are making a nesting room where you may rest in peace, together with this flooring you may consider soft, fabric couches and round edged tables instead of square ones.

Have framed photos of things that make you happy and always some embroidered cushions or blanket rugs you can use. Don’t leave corners empty but think about having tall vases with tall decorative branches resting lazily against the walls. Indoor plans are also a great addition as plants not only help with the oxygen production in the room but give a great aesthetic value as well. The color dark green is also a soothing color which represents the nature and earth. Bolyu’s Textile’s grey shading and thread textures are an acquired taste for eccentric palates.