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Bolyu Vinyl Weathered

Bolyu Vinyl Weathered

Bolyu’s Weathered vinyl flooring collection emulates the look of naturally weathered wood or stone flooring for those who want to have a touch of vintage in their homes. This collection’s natural looking vinyl pieces are simply stunning that we are sure you would simply stop looking elsewhere. Many other companies like to come up with different emulations of hardwood or stone flooring with different materials and the weathered look is one of the most difficult ones to achieve perfectly. But this collection’s pieces have embraced the look in such a way that it will be difficult for anyone to see the true nature of Bolyu’s Weathered vinyl pieces.

Years of rain, shine, storms and natural effects are perfectly captured here and in four different shades that may convince you and everyone else. Bolyu’s Weathered African Oak is exceptional as a choice for interiors where you designed it just to be beautiful. The walls containing this particular flooring can be red bricks, smooth with solid paint or wallpapers and even with porcelain tiles with prints on them. Nothing will deter the beauty in this one particular vinyl style.

Great big rooms with doors leading to a great big garden area could do a great deal with character and atmosphere with something from the Bolyu’s Weathere collection like the Aged Oak. This is one of those texture and shades which you will be aware of as you walk into the room for many years to come. Weathered’s Oceanside Grey or Cool Stone fools the eyes into thinking its either weathered stone or weathered wood. Rustic and vintage too look at and gives a feeling that old traditions will never fade. The great versatile old fashion color can accommodate different ideas in your living areas. Go with the anything dark, medium or light sunny.