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Bruce American Originals 3", 5", Lock & Fold

Bruce American Originals 3", 5", Lock & Fold

An American Original may be a hard thing to come by. When you think about it, the only true American Originals are the Native American “Indians” whose spiritual sensibility are a foundation of America that will be respected for all time. When thinking of these beautiful people, the rustic nature of the arid lands of this great country will come to mind and this is exactly what Bruce had in mind when brining you this elemental engineered hardwood option, American Originals. Bruce always has and always will maintain standards of excellence in hardwood and these Hickory, Red Oak and Maple options are no different. Distressed appeal and diverse options make American Originals great and easy Lock&Fold installation, low gloss finishes and permion urethane coating simply seals the deal. One of Bruce’s best, American Origins will take you to the origins of this great country with smooth and soft appearances promised by the micro-beveled edges.


Dive into design delights with this rustic, warm and inviting option from Bruce. American Origins is available in 3” and 5” planks for the sleek and simple or bold and beautiful design desired you may have. Enjoy Hickory in Antique Natural and Sunset Sand, as you indulge in the close granular contour innate to this species. Grand aspirations will be met with Maple motifs available in Grand Canyon, Chesapeake, Ponderosa, Liberty Brown, Santa Fe and Shenandoah. The understated beauty that allows the bellowing colors to speak makes Maple a favorite amongst those going for a traditional trend. Pull out all of the stops and head for the hills with distinctive options available from the mighty Oak, including Blue Ridge, Cimarron, Dakota, Durango, Mojave and Rio Grande. Though many Americans are of a European descent, embrace the true origins of America that set the stage for the arrival of classy colonization with a line that pays homage and respect to your roots, American Originals from Bruce.