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Bruce American Vintage Hardwood

Bruce American Vintage Hardwood

Vintage is in, that is all there is to it. Old is the new, well, new and things that are new are old. That may seem like a tongue twister but it seems that the attention to detail, artistry applied and time worn distressed appearance of those things from the olden days of America are coming into the spotlight of sophistication more and more. Get with the program and become fashion forward by following the vintage trend with the engineered option of the century from Bruce, the American Vintage Collection. One of Bruce’s best, American Vintage features Dura-Luster plus Urethane which means your floors are set to last a lifetime whilst maintaining their perfectly crafted distressed and antique appeal. Built with style, sustainability and American culture in mind, the American Vintage collection is effortlessly elegant with micro-beveled edges and low gloss finish to allow the luxurious grains and pattern of Cherry and Walnut to illuminate with inviting warmth.

Bold 5” planks consummate the first-class look as variation from board to board, knot to knot and room to room will be your signature of sophistication. Cherry is known for its warm red hues and straight satin like grains that appear lustrous and your room will revel in beauty as Copper Kettle and Sangria add instant culture and couture. Walnut and its rigid resilience and cool climate will set standards and lay the foundation for fashion forward design fusions with robust colors like Chickory and Mesa. If American Vintage and its select style that is ageless seem too good to be true, Bruce has pulled out all of the stops and brought this to you in an additional Lock&Fold format so that installation initiative is a choice for your own timeless traditions. Character and charm await with American Vintage engineered floors from Bruce.