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Bruce Chelsea Park Laminate

Chelsea Park Laminate

Exotic style meets timeless beauty in the middle with Bruce’s Chelsea Park Laminate, and it just so happens that your demanding sophisticated style meets its perfect match as well. Perhaps your busy life makes it so you don’t care for the high maintenance demands associated with real hardwood flooring. Chelsea Park’s G3 high-gloss finish and Magnum HDF Core construction will ensure that your 4.84” wide planks shine like the enduring classics you are flaunting, effortlessly, as well as standing up to the test of time. Bruce’s exclusive Hi-Def Print with VTx allows the recreation of the look and feel of even the most intricate breeds that are unfathomable to be accurately mimicked. For example, Seacoast Brown will take you to the white sand beaches of Florianopolis, Brazil as you samba your way across the chasing honey and chocolate stripes of your floor, distinct to Brazil’s beautiful TigerWood. Obtaining and installing such a rare product would normally only be for those who could afford the expensive product and its complicated and costly installation. Chelsea Park Laminate flooring makes it not only possible from an economical perspective, but the Lock & Fold installation makes these floors an easy transformation to make to any room. Convert your home into a modern space laced with a sophisticated appreciation for tradition with Mineral Forest. Picture planks of wood that may have come from the Olympic Peninsula and aged over many years as they floated in the pacific as docks, now reclaimed and finished to bring a playful contradiction of the urbane and the classical. Island Koa brings the tropical bright honey of a Fijian Island’s Teak tree wood, right to your home, relaxing the space with it delicate and silky striations. Bronzed Jatoba offers a cherry finish, while Timbered Walnut is a muted cream that let’s your design do the talking. Chelsea Park by Bruce is full of genuine and fun styles, certain to suite even the most scrutinizing of designers whilst getting a thumbs up from even the most frugal.