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Bruce Eddington Strip and Plank Hardwood

Bruce Eddington Strip and Plank Hardwood

Eddington could be a prestigious city of Australia or one of many in the United Kingdom or even one of Maine or Pennsylvania in the United States. For the sake of fun and fortitude and to honor four legged friends around the world, let’s at least pretend that Bruce had a particular thoroughbred in mind when creating the Eddington Collection solid hardwood floors. Built to last like this fine animal, Eddington is categorized with the best that Bruce has to offer. Much like Eddington the millionaire club horse that became a champion despite his late start, Eddington will make you the derby winner of design regardless of your palace’ point A. Revel at your Ash floors of Eddington solid hardwood as your race to the finish line of fashion sense with a transformation of style and sophistication that is undeniable. Your home will be ready to host delightful derby parties will elegance that is unparalleled. Micro Beveled edges allow the gorgeous grains to flow seamlessly and Dura-Luster Plus Urethane ensures that this stunning style of yours will last for years to come.

Available in 2.25 and 3.25 planks, your striking stable style of the turn of the century of bold beauty of today’s derby debutants awaits with Eddington solid hardwood from Bruce. Regal and regarded colors include Gunstock, Spice, Cherry and Butterscotch. Wait, it gets better, as the slight mineral streaks of ash and the coarse straight grains set your style apart to soar. Enjoy elegance and urbane beauty with a legend of the urban areas, Eddington hardwood and the standards of excellence that are synonymous with Bruce as well as the horse from whence this line was quite possibly names.