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Bruce Frontier Hand-Scraped Hardwood

Bruce Frontier Hand-Scraped Hardwood

If you have always harbored the desire to get back to your old-fashioned American roots and live like a cowboy or build your own wood cabin Abe Lincoln style but you can’t swing an ax and are afraid of hangnails then the Bruce Frontier Collection is the obvious solution to your dilemma.

With all the brawn of Ron Swanson in a collection called Bruce, these hickory and birch hardwood planks feature two distinct and hand scraped looks that will put hair on your chest and sawdust in your beard – saw not included. Like Mike Rowe, Bruce does the dirty work for you. The hickory hardwood series features a low key rustic scrape that would find its planks right at home in the southwestern region of the glorious United States. The color brushing treatment that Bruce features in the hickory line accentuates the graining in the hickory, adds a level of color dimension and draws the eye to the hand-sculpting that Bruce is known for. Hickory planks are available in six sultry shades that really paint an epic picture of the look these floors are best suited for, such as Bison, Tahoe, Brushed Tumbleweed and Sahara Sand. Calm down, cowboy and put your lasso away and take those spurs off before you hurt yourself.

If the hickory planks are a Chuck Norris then the alternative is definitely more of a Bruce—think Bruce Jenner on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The alternative to the rustic scrape is a softer, more subtle hand-scrape, offered in beauteous birch. This less rustic style is popular all along the hip and verdant West Coast. The gentle names in the birch branch of this collection speak to this collection’s softer side: Praline, Golden Blonde and Vanilla Stick. All the flooring options in this collection are 5 inches wide, half an inch thick and have an engineered wood structure.