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Bruce Fulton Strip, Low Gloss, and Plank Hardwood

Bruce Fulton Strip, Low Gloss, and Plank Hardwood

Fulton is the perfect name to describe this debutant of design dreams coming true. Fulton brings two things to mind to any American. The first is Robert Fulton, the creator of the first steam powered ship that undeniably shaped the future of the world in an innovative manner that was revolutionary. The next is the building that was named after him and built in place of the Lancaster pre-revolutionary jail. The foundation of the emergence of plays in America, this too speaks to something humbling yet pronounced. Capture history, artistic character and a pioneering presence with the application of Fulton solid hardwood floors from Bruce in your home or commercial spaces. Filled with character, charm and inherent quality, Fulton floors available in 2.25 and 3.25 planks will instantly transform your understated spaces into something sophisticated and stately. One of Bruce’s best products, Fulton solid hardwood floors feature square edges that allow effortless flow of the gorgeous grains of Oak while shining in a stunning manner, thanks to the high gloss finish. Dura-Luster Plus Urethane ensures that your Fulton floors will stand up to the test of time as your entertain, relax and create memories with these unrivaled planks as your canvas of couture creation.

Fulton from Bruce pays homage to creativity and avant-garde appeal so allow your current accouterments to do the same when the beautiful array of color options is applied to your favorite spaces. Featuring the complex knots, grains and innate hardness of Oak, Fulton is a classy choice for those looking for a classical feel or something cool and contemporary. Butterscotch is a warm and sweet sensation that will add an instant illuminating glow to any room. Cherry is a choice that offers peppery red tones and Fawn adds an ever so faint finish that allows your furniture to take center stage. Dune, Gunstock, Saddle, Seashell, Spice, Winter White and Natural complete the collection and make Fulton a full on solution to all of your decorating needs. White Oak or Red, Fulton solid hardwood from Bruce has the finishing touch for you.