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Bruce Gardenstone Laminate

Gardenstone Laminate

The Gardenstone collection from Bruce Laminates allow you to have the fun of designing your home with stately natural stones of the most rich in history locations in the world, all with the ease and affordability of Laminate. Bruce’s Hi-Def Print with VTx ever so accurately depicts the details and nuances that make stone such a rich and remarkable option for any home. With finishes and styles descending from the Ancient Incan Peruvians, the Spanish Conquistadors and the Himalayan Buddhists of Bhutan, there is an urbane solution that will suit even the most discerning designers. Bruce’s G3 medium-gloss finish, and MagnumPlus HDF Core ensures that Gardenstone Laminate floors will sustain an authentic shine. Worthy of the cultures they are forged from, the square edges of these 11.81” tiles appear staggered, creating a genuine flow that is easily identifiable as the real deal. Enjoy the fun that Forest Shade will bring with an earthy Amazonian aura, reminiscent of the magical and mystical, Iquitos, Peru. Peruvian Slate – Mineral Gray captures the ancient essence of the stones of Machu Piccu. Whereas, River Sand captures the grounding of an arid environment like that of Arequipa, surrounded by desert and volcanoes. Bhutan Black Pearl’s charcoal with a hint of navy resembles giant boulders of the Himalayas while the softer Bhutan Balla almost appears iridescent, and Bhutan Tunis will add warmth with its red clay base and earthy marbling. Embrace your inner romantic with the caressing combination of Cantabria Mozone, a gorgeous pink, tan and grey stone. Elegance awaits your every step with Cantabria Stone Caribbean Sand, appearing like this Coastal Province’s soft and onyx sprinkled coasts. Silver Sage is of superb sophistication and offers one of the most intense options from Bruce’s Gardenstone Laminate Flooring Collection. Create a look of societies that sustained rain or shine with an economical option that too, will last rain or shine.