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Bruce Natural Reflections Hardwood

Bruce Natural Reflections Hardwood

A reflection is really something that is truly amazing as it is a body or surface of light, heat or sound that is throwing back without absorbing a thing. Something natural is something caused by nature. Natural Reflections by Bruce then, must embody the beauty of this nature without taking away from it or anything in your home that is complimentary to your hardwood beauty, and it perfectly does just that. Enjoy natural nuances that will illuminate the innate beauty of your décor as Natural Reflections from Bruce serves as an addition to your home that will accentuate without diminishing the designs already done. Available in Ash, Maple, Oak and multitude of colors, these 2.25” planks will take a turn of the century estate to the realm of the organic trends of today effortlessly. Manifest a myriad of stunning attributes as the fine lines of these hardwoods are showcased perfectly. Be poised with perfection as Bruce delivers a solid hardwood in a striking state with square ends and edges that permit endless enjoyment of your favorite hardwood patterns.

Sealed for all time, Low, High and Medium Gloss appeal is coupled with Dura-Luster Plus Urethane to be sure your solid hardwood lasts with ease, so more time can be spent entertaining and making memories and less time cleaning and refinishing from unnecessary dings and damage. Options are endless as you can choose the knots of Oak, mineral streaks of Maple or assertive grains of Ash. Colors include delicious and delightful choices suitable for all settings, avant-garde or artisan. Natural navigates across all three species while Ash also features Gunstock. Maple is marvelous in Cherry and Oak takes center stage with Butter Rum/Toffee, Butterscotch, Cherry, Gunstock, Mellow, Prairie, Spice and Walnut. Cast brilliance on your couture with Natural Reflections from Bruce, a solid hardwood sensation.