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Bruce Reserve Premium Collection Laminate

Reserve Premium Collection Laminate

Your premium escape need not escape you any longer, Bruce Reserve Premium Collection offers all of the ornate elegance you are seeking from a wide plank solid hardwood exotic floor but with a price and sustainability that makes sense for anyone. Bruce has brought the best of the best to the table to make this premium product. The Reserve Premium Collection is constructed using Bruce Hi-Def Print with VTx and MagnumPlus HDF Core, creating a laminate floor that will accurately depict the hardwood of your dreams while lasting through late night bottles of reserve wines and cheeses and impromptu yoga classes. The G3 medium-gloss finish and beveled edges of the Sepele finishes, create a traditional look further fabricating the bona fide solid wood appearance inherent to the Reserve Premium Collection. The G3 low-gloss of the Wild Cherry variety is appropriate as this laminate goes where no laminate has gone before, Rolled Edges to further authenticate the elaborate details of this hand-scraped beauty. The dramatic 7.59” wide Sepele planks draw immediate attention to the playful intricacies and details of these rarely represented woods. The Sepele Long Plank is offered in two sultry rich colors and planks appearing to be 88.97” in length. Roasted Bean looks just like it sounds and will add a yummy accent and balance to any room. Wrought Iron finish accentuates the natural purplish brown that is a characteristic of this rare wood, descending from the African continent. The rich finish that almost looks black at some points can create a more open semblance with the impression of negative space. Wild Cherry's 5.31" wide plank is warm and perfect for those who want a space that gorgeously screams their motto, “Take it easy.” Also take it easy on your pocket book, mop and installation skills with Bruce’s answer to the most discerning designer, the Reserve Premium Collection.