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Bruce Trumbull Strip Hardwood

Bruce Trumbull Strip Hardwood

Trumbull is a name to be associated with excellence and American History. An undergraduate residential college at the most prestigious of schools, Yale, the name is correlated undeniably with tradition. Additionally Trumbull represents independence as Jonathan Trumbull, whom this Yale residential college was named after, was the last Governor of Connecticut as a colony and the first Governor of Connecticut as a state. When creating and designing this line that is as brilliant as the name suggested, American tradition that was born from colonial style was kept in mind. Experience elegance in a way never seen before with Trumbull solid hardwood from Bruce, a show-stopping floor full of allure and grandeur. The culturally inclined must apply as this distressed diva brings out the best in history for your fashion forward future. Strip style only enhances the time honored appeal as this turn of the century trend meets today’s standards of engineering excellence. Trumbull strip comes in 2.25” planks that are hand crafted and sealed with Dura_luster Plus Urethane to ensure your floors last. Eased edges and ends make the appearance easy on the eyes as natural contour creates depth without disturbing the incredible showcasing of oak in a divinely distressed form.

As classical and enduring as the name’s implications, Trumbull from Bruce is backed with a warranty that guarantees durability with 3 years for commercial settings and 25 years for residential. Delegating urbane sophistication in a stately manner, appoint awe-inspired reactions from friends, family and customers as the character and charm offered by Trumbull fills your rooms. Available in Antique and Honey, Trumbull is a simple and stunning statement of elegance that brings out the best in the mighty American Oak to bring out the best in your marvelous American home.