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Bruce Waltham Strip and Plank Hardwood

As innovative as the system that mechanized one of the first industries in the world, Waltham from Bruce is an ingenious answer to all of your design needs. Foundations are first and as Waltham-Lowell was a founding system for automating textiles with use of things such as the spinning jenny, spinning mule and water frame, Waltham hardwood will set the tone for the trends you with to embody. Oak aficionados will rave over these solid selections that are economical and stunning at the same time. As these technologies took work off the hands of laborers, so shall Waltham take a load off for you as the Dura-Luster Urethane finish ensures your floors will endure with effortless shine. Medium glossed traditional hardwoods come to life in 2.25” strip style planks offered by Waltham. Solid and sustainably, micro beveled edges allow for the slightest of distinction while keeping the overall appearance of your beautiful hardwood floors, uniform. Steady and striking, 3.25” planks are additionally offered for a statelier setting or the artists longing for something more avant-garde.

Available in 7 delicious colors and 2 sumptuous species, Waltham is a well done work of art in its own right. Demanding of design respect while being easy on the pocket book, décor comes to life and motifs become modern with elegantly crafted hardwoods. Bringing a slightly vintage appeal to life, Brass, Cornsilk, Country Natural, Gunstock, Kenya and Whiskey bring out the best of Oak’s knotty nuances and hooping grains. The slightly coarser approach that Red Oak takes is perfect for design devotees looking for something organic and opulent and Natural does just that. Diverse and able to mechanize your masterpiece called your home, Waltham from Bruce is a solid choice for your design needs.