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Carlton Big Sur Hardwood

Carlton Big Sur

The Carlton Big Sur hardwood collection is probably just as varied as the waves that hit its namesake beach. If your personality fits the typical surfer mentality of rejecting any sort of structure and uniformity—let's be honest, maybe you can't even properly order a burrito from a street vendor at 3 a.m.—Big Sur will fit right at home. Each color offered is truly unique; how many times have you driven yourself crazy by looking at flooring samples and each one is only slightly different than the next? To the poor unfortunate souls who are colorblind, how can you expect to differentiate between the flooring you want to buy when red and green look the same? Just be a little extra careful behind the wheel, and don't drive in cities where the traffic signals are positioned sideways (talk about a cruel trick). Big Sur is brutally honest and has nothing to hide, with each 6.25" plank option throwing something different into the mix.

The Midnight selection projects deep browns with red undertones, replete with rippling waves of grain for remarkable texture and visuals. The rustic, dusty brown of Hearth will fit well with your shabby chic, "lived in" surfer décor. Trust us on this; you won't actually notice dust particles on the Hearth option, and it's not just because you're lazy. The bright golden swirling grains of Leather will certainly match your long, unkempt hair; seriously, there are no surfers who aren't blond, right? The timeworn look of Saddle, full of intermediate browns and darker splotches, will give your beachside home waves of Western sensibilities, without the maintenance and cost of owning a horse. The gradients in Chianti range from drab greens, dark browns, and sultry reds that will certainly impress your houseguests, especially if you invite Anthony Hopkins over for some liver and fava beans.