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Carlton La Jolla Hardwood

Carlton La Jolla

The engineered La Jolla hardwood collection from Carlton is quite self-indulgent much like the neighborhood of La Jolla itself, and we love it. Sure, La Jolla is way overdue for an earthquake and strategically positioned to be subject to deadly wildfires and mudslides, but we don't care. We'll just build some more houses on wooden stilts in the canyons right over overgrown cacti that contain vicious animals and poisonous snakes. But it's 72 degrees all year round; we'll deal with the risks of signing a waiver to build a house on this massive fault line. Fortunately with Carlton La Jolla, you can have all the self-indulgence you want without having to worry about mudslides, earthquakes, high tides, or an unnecessary tax burden. The sweeping grains, high color variation, and intricate mineral streaks will bring handcrafted hardwood aesthetics to your home reminiscent of the seaside mansions that sit on the beaches, steep hillsides, and summits scattered throughout La Jolla.

Each 7.5" wide plank will create lovely cascading visuals throughout your living space, adding to increased spatial depth to any room within your home. In La Jolla, this is necessary, since ocean views are certainly factored into the ridiculous sale price of a one-bedroom home that seriously needs some renovation. As another birch collection, La Jolla gives you the warm feel of domestic exotic hardwood that will surely impress your guests as opposed to typical oak or maple flooring (not that there's anything wrong with these). Roasted Walnut and Golden Brown showcase the vintage aesthetics of timeworn hardwood with an almost burnt yet elegant appearance. Mocha Spice is drastically different, presenting a primarily pinkish red over a soft, subtle brown backing. Vintage Brown is nearly black in color, working well in traditional environments. Install this collection, and take the La Jolla attitude with you while leaving the mudslides, earthquakes, and wildfires behind.