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Carlton Landmark Hardwood

Carlton Landmark

Nothing is more fitting for the Carlton Landmark hardwood collection than traditional oak flooring. Truly this species is the landmark of hardwood, standing the test of time just like the aging, borderline senile Supreme Court justices that ruled on landmark decisions back in its heyday. But we'll save politics for another time; we're here to talk about hardwood. With 10 styles to choose from in the Landmark collection, these wide 7.5" planks combine traditional sensibilities with modern aesthetics, perfectly matching a wide variety of décor styles. As this collection is engineered, it can be installed in basements, split-level floor plans, and in areas susceptible to moisture such as kitchens and powder rooms. Unlike the Supreme Court, Landmark is flexible and versatile, giving all types of homeowners a great level of design flexibility.

Washed Oak Aspen and Washed Oak Snowmass are perfect for those who desire snowy mountain cabin aesthetics; there's nothing quite like propelling yourself down a mountain at 70 miles per hour strapped two skinny waxed synthetic boards, so you can save yourself the trouble of waiting for a malfunctioning ski lift to be reminded of those good times by simply having these Landmark choices installed in your home. Black Canyon is a stark, nearly jet-black color that is remarkably dignified in appearance. One of our favorites is the Sedona option; showcasing reds, browns, blacks, knotholes, and mineral streaks. Mojave and Sandpoint take their influence from the vastness of desert sands, giving your home increased spatial depth through their wide planks dressed with light, golden browns. Riverbed and Shoreline, intermediate browns with weatherworn looks, are ideal for antiquated, classical décor. In contrast, Sherwood projects a smoother surface that looks best in more modern settings, while the unique drab olive greens of Teton will turn your home into one you can truly call your own. With colors like these, your Landmark decision will be easy and painless.