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Carlton Malibu Wild Walnut Hardwood

Carlton Malibu Wild Walnut brings style into your home effortlessly

Go wild with the Carlton Malibu Wild Walnut collection today and never look back on how unstylish you were with home decoration. If you are looking for uncompromising style that will last for years and years into your 50s and 60s so that you can still enjoy it without having to replace it, the Carlton Malibu Wild Walnut will be the trick.

This distressed, engineered hardwood flooring showcases exciting color variation and marbleized grained hardwood that is simply irresistible. The warm colors and truly unique styling available will certainly energize your interior space in no time at all while giving your all the sense of style you need to show off to your neighbours, friends and relatives.

Charm the pants of your in laws with the five natural looking colorways that also has eight coats of aluminium oxide finishes. The practical features you will find here are thickness of 9/16”, widths up to 4.73 and lengths in 4. The collection is manufacture with the very durable and naturally fantastic looking wild walnut acacia.

Tinting of flowing gold will make your rooms irresistible in the Gold piece while the Cognac presents auburn tones that might be a party to look at in natural dusky lighting. Try the Natural in your living room to give it a cozy feeling throughout winter months while during the summers, the lighter grooving indented in the wood will give your room an expanded brightness.

Between the Peru and Vintage, you can see the difference is something between a very dark, milky coffee and chocolate variations making the mocha in the middle existing in both pieces. Both will look stunningly stylish if you are planning to decorate your room with long flowing window treatments and vintage leather upholstery.