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Carlton Mandalay Hardwood

Carlton Hardwood Mandalay

If only John Rambo would have looked as good as the Carlton Hardwood Mandalay Collection in the fourth instalment of the Rambo franchise it wouldn’t have received a sad 37% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes movie review site. The whole movie was filmed in Burma or Myanmar as it is called now and Mandalay is famed colonial city which was the inspiration to many romantic literature.

If you love Asian art where it is casually etched with everyday life in quaint village shacks dotted in between green rice fields or beautifully carved ethnic designs on temple roofs in Bali then the Carlton Hardwood Mandalay collection is something worth choosing to fit in together with your decoration ideas. The collection is made from the strong European oak where the classic meets the modern in terms of color palette.

Use Carlton Hardwood Mandalay Bay Breeze model to give your apartment that old, rustic feel of living in jungle villages and decorate your rooms with big potted green plants. You can pair this style with bronze colored Buddha statue sitting idly on rosewood carved side tables while a wood frame poster of an Asian tiger may grace wood panelled walls.

How about giving your bedroom that whole John Rambo living in Burmese jungle theme by installing Carlton Hardwood Mandalay Kahlua dark treated wood which comes in genuine looking grooves and a texture that would match real naturally cut wood floors in third world countries?

Hardwood flooring has never look so good with so many different styles and design which comes under one collection and there is a variety to choose from, which are Mandalay Pewter, Mandalay Amaretto, Mandalay Crescent, Mandalay Kona and Mandalay Grayhouse together with the ones already mentioned above as thematic ideas for your home.